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"No Star Player Wants to Go to Toronto."

Should the Leafs and Jays be the only acts in town?
Should the Leafs and Jays be the only acts in town?

So we had David Andersen.

And next week we've got a Hedo Eulogy, some Q and A with Dave Berri, and some other goodies perhaps as early as tomorrow, including an interview with one of my favourite MC's at the moment; Canada's own Shad, an avid ball fan.

But for this Friday we thought we'd switch gears and get our readers take on a blurb from's Mike and Mike in the Morning.

In it, the two Mike's debate whether an NBA team in Toronto has a long-term future based on the exodus of stars like McGrady, Carter and now Bosh.

I don't agree with their statements in the least bit (there's a team in Minny for God's sake), but it's an interesting listen simply because it's an indictment of how many American players may feel, and who knows, perhaps the reason BC keeps going to the Euro-well time and time again:

Mike and Mike on Bosh

A big shout out to Mike Lumsden for the link on this one and in my opinion, if you build a winning product and are paying top dollar for the top stars (ala Utah and San Antonio), it doesn't really matter where your team is located. In addition, McGrady was gone one way or another, but both Bosh and Carter stuck around to sign a second contract so it wasn't exactly the Memphis Grizzlies. And had management built Championship contending teams around them, I doubt they'd be (or have gone) elsewhere.

So I don't think you can paint all of Toronto's big-name free-agents with the same paint brush there fellas.

But regardless, is the US permanently stuck on Canada being the arctic and a non-viable basketball destination?