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The Can Ball Report Catches Up with Marc Trasolini

Traz on the lay up for the Broncos. (courtesy of Santa Clara University Athletics)
Traz on the lay up for the Broncos. (courtesy of Santa Clara University Athletics)

A little while ago, as you may remember, The Can Ball Report was at the Men's Development Team Camp.  We got to talking with a few players at the camp and one of those players was Vancouver's own Marc Trasolini.  Check out our chat right here ...

In case you've been under a rock for a little while, you should know who Marc Trasolini is.  Traz led his Broncos team when team leader Kevin Foster went down to injury early in the season en route to being named All West Coast Conference honorable mention.  Not bad for someone who was thrust into the spotlight in a very tough conference both academically and basketball wise.  This summer, he will be spending it with the Development Team in Europe.  Check out our interview with Marc here ...


The Can Ball Report:  How has your summer been so far?

Marc Trasolini:  I was finishing up school, given some extra training, did a few kids camps, worked a little bit so that was good.  Then I got a chance to come home, see the family and all my friends.


CBR:  So is the Development Camp like a vacation from your vacation or is it an extension of the season for you?

Traz:  I wouldn’t call this camp a vacation. It’s pretty hard with the two a days but it’s definitely good.  It’s the Development Team, it’s all the top prospects for the Senior Team.  It’s a good chance to work on your game, play with some of the top players in Canada.


CBR:  Did you have any expectations coming into the camp?

Traz:  I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest.  I mean, I really didn’t know too many people on the team.  I knew a few of my friends from last (summer) were on it. But I basically want to work, try to improve myself, get my name out there and show everyone what I had. 

(Canada Basketball) has seen what I’ve done (this season) and this is another step along the way.  They want me to keep improving, getting better and that’s what I’m trying to do. 


CBR:  I know you had some injuries last summer that may have hindered you.  How’s your body feeling now?

Traz:  Last year I was going through some back problems and then mono especially, which was pretty tough, so this was a better spring and summer for me so far.  I’ve been healthy so I’m happy with that.  (There’s been nothing nagging) so I’m basically 100%. 


CBR:  This season at Santa Clara you have another Canadian joining the team, right?

Traz:  Yeah, Julian (Clarke).  I hung out a lot with him on his visit, great guy and I’m really excited to have him down.  It’ll be nice have another Canadian on campus.  It’s going to be weird because I’m used to being the only Canadian on the floor.


CBR:  Now do you think he’ll take some of your Canadian shine away?

Traz:  (Laughing) Maybe a little bit.  I go around campus and people call me Canada so there’ll be another guy coming around (note:  expect to hear about big and little Canada I imagine in the near future around Santa Clara to help distinguish the two) but I’m excited for him.  We need a shooter and he’ll be a welcome addition to the team. 


CBR:  On that note then, have you seen Julian play this summer with the U18 Team?

Traz:  Yeah, I heard that he did really well.  I watched a little bit of the Canadian games from San Antonio on the internet so it looks like he’ll be really good.


CBR:  OK, now since you’re going to be the upperclassman to Julian, give us an idea of what you’ll be making him do since he is a freshman.

Traz:  He’s probably going to have to carry some bags around on the team trips but I mean other  than that we’re not too hard on our rookies. 


CBR:  So you’ve got nothing special planned for him since you’re Canadian and he’s Canadian getting to fetch maple syrup in the middle of the night …

Traz:  (Laughing) No not really.


CBR:  Alright.  Now in the interview I did with you for SLAMonline you mentioned that music was a big thing to get you pumped up before a game.  What are you feelin’ right now?

Traz:  Right now?  I’m liking a lot of stuff.  The new Eminem is pretty good, Drake of course.  I’m like lots of hip hop but I listen to everything. 


CBR:  Thanks Traz for taking the time out.  Best of luck on the tour and this coming season.