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Canadian Content

Today we have the Development Men taking a tough loss at the buzzer, some news from two teams that are playing in Canada's pool in Turkey, lots of high school news that features the Brookwood Elite from Mont-Real as well as Kyle Wiltjer and Myck Kabongo, a few great events happening this week, Garry Gallimore, Tammy Sutton-Brown and more in this edition of Canadian Content ...


Here is a look at the Development Men who last on a last second shot to the Dutch ... Canada Basketball | DUTCH SINK DMNT WITH BUZZERBEATING 3

And remember that Andy Rautins and Joel Anthony will be at the ACC this Thursday some come check them out ... Canada Basketball | CELEBRATE HOOPS WITH TEAM CANADA AT B'BALL HAPPY HOUR NIGHT JULY 29

The Senior Women will be playing Sweden tomorrow in BC and the Senior Men will take on China in Vancouver in two weeks and then be at the ACC in Toronto to face France.  Check out for more info. 


Here's a look at the Cadette Women ... Canadian b-ball team 11th at worlds, Sask. has hand


And here is some news from teams that Canada's men will be facing ...

First two from Spain ... 2010 FIBA World Championship Latest news and 2010 FIBA World Championship Latest news

And one from France ... 2010 FIBA World Championship Latest news


For those of you in the area, Long Term Development (LTD) will be holding a pro exposure campat the Hoopdome in Toronto this week so feel free to check it out. 


Now we have some great high school news ...

Even though this was published last week, there are some mentions of Myck Kabongo and Kyle Wiltjer and we figured better late than never ... California talent is shining at the inaugural Las Vegas Fab 48 camp - ESPN

Here is the AAU scoreboard for the Canadian teams that competed this past weekend in Vegas and around the US courtesy of our colleague Barry Hayes from ... Hoopstars Canada.  Also check out Barry's closer look at Montreal's Brookwood Elite here ... Hoopstars Canada

Also a look from our Road Warrior Nolan Shulman from www.flagrantfouls.comwho's been everywhere that mattered this July on the AAU circuit and gives us a couple of interesting tidbits about Sim Bhullar and Anthony Bennett ... AAU Super Showcase Rundown – 23rd and 24th | Flagrant Fouls

And in case you forgot, there are some great high school events taking place this week starting with the B Game at the Hoopdome and also the Phase 1 All Canada Prospect CampPhase 1 All Canada Prospect Camp at Ryerson University. 


Here is some CIS news from our colleague Mark Wacyk at ...  CIS Winnipeg, Windsor and Guelph's Ayanbadejo honoured


And we happened upon some clips of current Halifax Rainman Garry Gallimore ... YouTube - Garry Gallimore Clips Part 1 ... YouTube - Garry Gallimore Clips Part 2


And last but not least be sure to check out Markham, ON's Tammy Sutton-Brown in her blog right here.