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Lunchbox Links

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Can Toronto overcome the loss of Chris Bosh? The Wages of Wins Journal attempts to answer this question.

In case you were wondering, Bosh is kind of a douche.

The NBA needs a new pay structure... because of deals like the one Toronto gave Amir Johnson? Actually, Johnson's deal was good value for the money.

T.Jose Caldeford's Chris Black analyzes new additions Leandro Barbosa and Linas Kleiza.

Extracting "chemistry" from adjusted plus/minus numbers. (via

Is it wrong to discuss fantasy basketball in July? Ed Davis and DeMar DeRozan were among the most impressive players in summer league action, according to ESPN's John Cregan.

Three questions about Hedo Turkoglu's fit with the Phoenix Suns. Turk is looking for a rebirth with the Suns and is excited about their potential chemistry.

Say what? In Toronto, Bosh's farewell is being marked by a champagne cocktail drummed up by Senior Sommelier William Predhomme of Canoe Restaurant and Bar which features sparkling wine, Ice wine, syrup, lemon, black cherries and a mint sprig.

Raptors Republic takes a look at the architecture of the Raptors.

Oddly enough, a sneak peek at East contenders by's Ian Thomsen does not include the Raptors.

Luis Scola would have considered agreeing to a sign-and-trade to Toronto had the Rockets been able to land Bosh.

ESPN ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer weighs in on the 'Decision' dilemma as Cleveland continues to work through their breakup with the Chosen One.

An NBA work stoppage is looming.

Joakim Noah spotted shopping for bongs.

Rony Seikaly's second career as a DJ and recording artist.