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RaptorsHQ Summer League Live-Blog - Raptors vs. Kings

This should be a good test.

In what looks to be the Raptors most formidable opponent on their schedule, the Toronto Raptors take on the Sacramento Kings' Vegas entry this evening, in a match-up that features some highly touted sophomores (DeRozan and Caspi) and major-upside rookies (Ed Davis and DeMarcus Cousins.)

In particular, the big-men match-ups will be very intriguing as Raptors' fans should get an idea of how someone like Joey Dorsey will fare against a legit NBA starter talent like Cousins, and for the first time in Summer League play, Toronto's size advantage may be negated to a certain extent thanks to the Kings' other lengthy pivots like Hassan Whiteside.

We'll be live-blogging this one again and while I'm not courtside in Vegas any more, I'll be online asap after job number one to discuss...