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Some great highlight from the Cadet Men's big Bronze medal game yesterday, our Wheelchair Teams are holding a perfect record over their World Championships, some Canadians are making noise at the ESPN Super Soph Camp, CIS news, the Elite 1 League and more in today's edition of Canadian Content ...

The Can Ball Report want's to start off this edition by giving a big shout out to the Cadet Men's Team that pulled out a win yesterday to get the Bronze medal at the U17 World Championships in Hamburg, Germany.  As a great recap of the last week's action, here are some highlights from the Cadet Men's Bronze medal win yesterday ... - 2010 FIBA U17 World Championship for Men Latest news ... | FIBA | FIBA Video | 3rd & 4th Place - Canada v Lithuania (U17 World Championship Men 2010)


And don't forget that our Wheelchair Basketball Teams are doing great as well right now in their World Championships ...

Women's National News : Wheelchair Basketball Canada

Canadians unbeaten at world wheelchair basketball championship - CTV News


And here is a great look on Andy Rautins who's going live today ... Canada Basketball | KNICKSCOM CHAT LIVE WITH ANDY RAUTINS .. and be sure to check out the Knickssummer league team action that Rautins', and Olu Famutimi, are playing on herewith our SB Nation Knicks colleagues Posting and Toasting.


And here is a recap of a weekend high school event that our boy at Flagrant Fouls Nolan Shulman was at.  This guys really goes out there and gives us the best looks on our Canadians at big events ... ESPN Super Soph Camp Standouts | Flagrant Fouls


And now for a recap of the Elite 1 League's week two here ... Week 2 Elite 1's League Action


And now last but not least for some CIS news thanks to our colleague Mark Wacyk at ... CIS Canada West Coaching Changes ... CIS Snipits