Raptors Reportedly Re-Sign Amir Johnson


In hardly shocking news, the Toronto Raptors appear to have re-signed Amir Johnson to a 5-year $34M deal this evening. Well, the re-signing part isn't shockking, but paying Amir $7M per season...that might be... ...if this wasn't Bryan Colangelo. Yes, I'm happy that Amir, an underrated defender, rebounder and shot-blocker is back, but it's a bit of a hefty price tag for someone who still struggles with foul issues is it not? In fact, you have to wonder if Bryan Colangelo didn't back himself into a corner on this one; it sounds like teams such as Golden State were interested, and by paving the way for Chris Bosh to leave, it doesn't sound like he had much choice really...unless he wanted to kick off the Ed Davis Era. While I'm usually loathe to link to Real GM, the headline link has a good breakdown of just what Amir brings to the table. I'm just not sure that it's worth $7M when this team has a plethora of other pressing issues that need addressing.