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People, remember that the Elite 1 Pro Development League has started for this summer.  Some great Canadian talent is back to stay sharp and games will be good.  Check out for details.
People, remember that the Elite 1 Pro Development League has started for this summer. Some great Canadian talent is back to stay sharp and games will be good. Check out for details.

Happy Canada people!!!  Today we have the Junior Men's Team bringing home a Bronze medal, a look at the U17 Cadet Team, lots of high school news featuring Myck, Kyle and the Bhullars, the All Canada Game mix, Edmonton Energy, Halifax Rainmen and more in today's edition of Canadian Content ...


First off, let us say a big congratulations to the Men's Junior National Team for coming up big in their last game at the FIBA Americas U18 Championship in San Antonio last night.  A big rebound by Myck Kabongo which led to the eventual three by Kyle "The Heartbreaker" Wiltjer was the biggest play of the tournament for the team that played well.  Check out the game summaries right here - FIBA AMERICAS ... the boxscore - FIBA AMERICAS ... and here are some game pics - Game #19 ARG vs CAN - a set on Flickr

And Canada Basketball's look at the win here ... Canada Basketball | CANADA


Here is a news bit from the Lithuanian side that may have repercussions for Canada ... - 2010 FIBA U17 World Championship for Men Latest news.  Remember that the Senior Men are taking on China August 10 in Vancouver and then take on France in Toronto on August 12 and 13.  The Senior Women will be having a four game series between Chile and Sweden July 17-29 in Richmond and Abbotsford, BC.  Check out more info at Canada Basketball's website.


Here is my look at the Canadian Men's Cadet team heading over to Hamburg.  I hope I did the team justice.  Big shout to Christophe Ney at for the look ... U17 World Championship Preview: Canada –

Here are a couple of stories of ballers reppin' Canada for the U17 events ... | Two Durham basketball players off to Germany ... - Der at national tryout


And now for some high school stories ...

First we have the latest rankings and we have three Canucks on the list with two in the top 25 ... Yahoo Sports: Ranking - Rivals150 for the class of 2011

Now we have to give a big shout to our boy Nolan Shulman and the good people at Flagrant for putting together this crazy mix of the All Canada Game.  It may have happened a little while ago but you just can't get enough of great ball ... VIDEO: 2010 All-Canada Classic Mix | Flagrant Fouls

Myck Kabongo is blowing up yet again ... Kabongo a Leader

Here is a look at Wiltjer's great tournament by our SB Nation colleagues The Slipper Still Fits ... Wiltjer blows up in San Antonio, leads Canada to bronze at the FIBA U18 - The Slipper Still Fits

Giant Sim Bhullar steals show at FIBA Americas U18 tournament - Luke Winn -

This may have been posted a little while ago but Julian Clarke's big 14 pts in the Bronze game warrants a post of this interview with his new school come fall ... Santa Clara University Athletics

Here is a look at Matthew Wright who is heading to St Bonaventure thanks to our colleagues at Crown Magazine.  Big shout to all the Filipino Canadians in the house! ... St. Bonaventure Is The Wright Fit For Martingrove’s Sharpshooter | Crown Magazine

Thre are some great mentions of our Canadian girls in this one ... HoopGurlz: FIBA Americas U18 Championships show off international talent - ESPN


Here is an IBL story on the reason why Edmonton will not be in the Play Offs this year ... High costs of Energy KOs playoffs


And here is a great look at Halifax Rainmen guard Gary Ervin by the New York Post ... Going north of the border helps Ervin get on right track -


Finally, here is a great story on a Canadian doing his basketball thing overseas ... Back in action - Local News - Sport - Basketball - Collie Mail