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Drafting for Today vs. Tomorrow

After a week of pretty intensive draft coverage, i figured I'd lighten the load a bit today and tomorrow.

Today, a simple poll question regarding an interesting topic that's come up this draft:

Do the Raptors draft a player who can contribute right away, or the player they think has the greatest upside, even if the team doesn't see that for a season or two?

These options are not mutually exclusive of course, but often in the draft, a team decides to go one way or another, especially once they get into the late lottery or mid-first round. This is because generally these teams don't simply take the top talent available, like so many early lottery clubs, and can't necessarily afford to be strategic with their picks like so many late first-round squads, who grab prospects for position or to stash overseas.

The middle-of-the-packers need to get some sort of impact from their selection as soon as possible to help them take the proverbial next step. When it doesn't happen, a team may find itself no better off than the year before.

So what does Toronto do this year?

They're a team that minus Bosh and perhaps guys like Antoine Wright and Amir Johnson, is facing a very tough go next season.

And yet should Bosh return, there are still many question marks regarding things like the point guard situation, and Hedo Turkoglu's future with the team...not to mention that even with CB4, this was hardly a dominant ball club.

Since the end of the season Bryan Colangelo has stated that he feels the team is not in the doom and gloom situation so many of us believe. And so you have to think that if that's truly the case, we'll see the team add a Cole Aldrich or Ekpe Udoh type who could prove to be an immediate boost in areas the team so badly needs.

On the flip side though, does it make more sense to just blow things up, especially if Bosh is gone? In this scenario, adding a Daniel Orton or a Avery Bradley might be a genius move when one looks back on this draft in a few seasons.

It sounds like Bryan Colangelo and co are still trying to answer this question themselves but what do you as a fan think the team should do?