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As painful as it might be to see Chris Bosh walk, an astute sign-and-trade likely wouldn't set back a team too much that is already in the draft lottery, could it?

The Chicago Bulls have put themselves in position to land two big-name free agents. What are the odds of Bosh and LeBron James landing with the Bulls?

But a Bosh-Dwyane Wade pairing could be more likely. Bosh says the Miami Heat is in 'top contention' to land him while a rival NBA general manager says Bosh going to Miami has been 'planned for a long time'.

Could the Houston Rockets emerge as a dark horse candidate to land Bosh?

The NBA Draft: Presti versus Kahn in a cagematch or trendy nightclub for crazy NBA fans.

Here's what the Score's Holly MacKenzie learned at the draft about Raptors rookie Ed "Street Cred" Davis. compares Davis to Al Horford, Udonis Haslem, P.J. Brown, Alan Henderson and Cedric Simmons.

Don’t read too much into the Raptors’ drafting of Davis, according to Raptors Republic.

Former Florida State star centre Solomon Alabi’s precipitous fall in Thursday night’s NBA draft apparently was due in part to a diagnosis of Hepatitis B.

An Antoine Wright signature shoe?

The New Jersey Nets have added Sam Mitchell to coach Avery Johnson's staff.

Papa Colangelo shows interest in the New Jersey Nets opening.