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The Raptors HQ NBA Draft Live Blog

Here it is, bam, and you say God Damn, this is dope jam...

Had to start things off tonight with a little Public Enemy as yes, I'm SLIGHTLY excited for my favourite day of the year.

Tonight represents the first attempt by Bryan Colangelo to right a ship that's somehow sailed quite far off the course he started to lay out when he first arrived.

And with the way this draft is unfolding, who knows what goes down in the Raptors' war room:

-Will HQ faves Paul George or Xavier Henry fall to the 13th spot for the Dinos to take?

-Is the team really high enough on Avery Bradley or Eric Bledsoe to take them in the lottery?

-What about a "safe" pick like Cole Aldrich or Patrick Patterson?

-Or, are the rumours about trading the pick true and Toronto makes a big move beyond the draft?

We'll find out in about 30 minutes...