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RaptorsHQ Draft Board Explained


  1. Avery Bradley
  2. Cole Aldrich
  3. Ekpe Udoh
  4. Patrick Patterson
  5. Paul George
As of now, these are the top five players we believe the Raptors are looking at drafting at the 13th spot, ranked in order of preference.

That being said, some or all might not be around when Toronto picks, so the Raptors probably have a couple others that they are saving as back-ups.

However, their preferred five aren't exactly ours.

In order, here's who we're hoping to see get called at 13:

  1. Paul George
  2. Xavier Henry
  3. Cole Aldrich
  4. Patrick Patterson
  5. Avery Bradley
In addition, here are five other players we'd love to see the Raptors get their hands on with a second draft pick: