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Sunday Thought - To Spend or Not to Spend...or Does it Even Matter?

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A quick poll on what is a dreary Sunday here in Toronto, and before we jump back into a full slate of off-season coverage all next week.

We've been over Toronto's "cash issues" and most of us are assuming Bosh is walking...but could Bryan Colangelo turn things around in one fell swoop with MLSE's approval to spend like the Knicks?

Ok, maybe not the Knicks...but would the ability to add onto Toronto's already bloated payroll help get this ship back on course? Right now, there's not much loot for making key additions but let's say MLSE agreed to even head to the New Orleans'-ish $70 to $72M range for next season? Would that make a big difference in terms of team record?

I guess it depends on how confident you now are in Bryan Colangelo. BC had lots of loot last off-season with which to use for upgrades wasn't exactly Transformers II, but the results were hardly Avatar either...

Late last week, Tom Liston at Raps Repub discussed the notion that the NBA's top teams currently are the ones who spend the most. While over NBA history this correlation hasn't been true, as of late, we are seeing the top spenders be on average better performers than the rest of their NBA brethren.

But is there much out there to spend on this summer?

After the Bosh's and Amare's are gone, there are a lot of Childresses and Goodens...

Over-spend or not, make no mistake about it, this off-season is one where Bryan Colangelo needs to show the NBA world that he hasn't lost his mojo. He's apparently feeling the heat right now, and rightfully so after some extremely questionable decisions and unflattering results.