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Lunchbox Links

Attention whore Chris Bosh went to the Staples Centre last night and caused ANOTHER Twitter eruption (including a funny tweet from the National Post's Bruce Arthur).

If you're looking for more signs that Bosh is going to leave Toronto, the Raptors’ all-star forward has changed his location from Toronto to “Everywhere” on his Twitter account, and removed a biography section that noted his status as Raptors captain.

Houston Rockets blog Red94 explores how Bosh would fit both offensively and defensively with Houston, in place of Luis Scola.

Too bad the buzz has Bosh heading to Miami to join Dwyane Wade.

A look at where Bosh ranks among MVP candidates in Dave Berri's Wages of Wins Journal.

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis is a fan of statistical analysis.

Arsenalist of Raptors Republic doesn't want the Raptors to give up on Marco Belinelli.