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Lunchbox Links

Chad Ford's Mock Draft Version 2.0 pegs 19-year-old Avery Bradley — one of the five most underrated prospects in the 2010 NBA Draft, according to Dime Magazine — as the Raptors' selection. Meanwhile, Yahoo! Sports' mock draft makes me want to shoot myself.

The model of a superstar "Alpha Dog" plus another quasi-star and three role players seems to be the dominant usage pattern that differentiates NBA champs from teams that fall short.

The Toronto Star's Dave Feschuk talks with Stumbling on Wins author Dave Berri about the mostly pointless exercise of changing coaches in the NBA.

And thanks to last night’s Draft Lottery, we have broken the five-way tie from our contest. Congrats to Zona, who picked two of the top three Lottery finishers correctly, including the eventual winner, Washington. Thanks to all who participated and we’ll likely be running a few more contests before the playoffs end!