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Only one team has ever vaulted from nearly as far to land the first overall pick -- the 1993 Magic, who were the best non-playoff team that season and still wound up with the first overall pick (for a second-straight season no less). But the Magic faced better odds that year (1 in 66) than the Raptors do on Tuesday (6 in 1000) after the NBA rejigged the format to give the worst teams better odds at a high pick.

The Basketball Jones visits a psychic who predicts the NBA Draft Lottery winner.

More on the Draft Lottery from ESPN Insider Chad Ford,'s Chris Mannix, the Globe and Mail's Michael Grange, Pro Basketball Talk and Raptors Republic.

How will CAA (the agency representing LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, John Calipari and Pat Riley) play puppetmasters in placing LeBron and their other marquee clients within certain NBA organizations?

Basketball Reference looks at the optimal championship mix based on usage patterns.

Sam Mitchell is one of the favourites to land the Sixers' coaching job.

And finally, the winner of our first contest?

No one…we’ve got a 5-way tie with "Dikembe," ""Zona," "Utes," "Jenge," and "Paul11" all scoring 5 points.  All got at least 4 of the top 5 Lakers +/- correct, however picking the correct Phoenix results was a lot trickier.  Most whiffed on all 5.

So to break the tie, let’s shift to tonight’s draft lottery as the tie-breaker.

Fire us an email at with your views on the lottery, specifically, your guess at the top 3 teams when all is said and done.  Closest to the correct final order wins!