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Lunchbox Links

It’s no surprise that teams like Toronto — who try to stretch the floor with their height but often lose the battle for live balls — lost more games than they won.

A couple of terrific questions from Basketball Reference and the Wages of Wins Journal: Which position should you build around for playoff success? And how many stars do you need to win a title?

Well, considering the Raptors are about to watch their only player boasting a WP48 in excess of 0.200 leave via free agency. And considering that "star" player is also a power forward — a position that has become dominant in the championship conversation since Michael Jordan retired — I don't like this team's playoff chances for the forseeable future.

Arsenalist from Raptors Republic notes that Chris Bosh's impending free agency is lacking enthusiasm.

Marco Belinelli joins Raptors teammate Andrea Bargnani on an Italian squad that will face tough competition at the EuroBasket 2011 qualifier.

Can you name the currently active NBA players from foreign countries?

Defense fail.