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Lunchbox Links

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To kick off this edition of Lunchbox Links, we’ve partnered with our friends at to bring you a contest opportunity.

As you know, we’re fans of statistical analysis here at the HQ. But we also realize its limitations... especially where metrics like +/- are concerned.  However, +/- can be intriguing at face value as evidenced by the fact that the current top five individuals for both the Lakers and Suns include guys that come off the bench.

The contest then?  Guess the top five for each team in Game One between the Suns and Lakers on Monday May 17th.

Answers must be submitted by May 17th at 12pm EST. One entry per person in the comments below please.

Whoever is closest to getting both correct will receive a free prize package courtesy of

Have fun!

If the New York Knicks fail to sign LeBron James, Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh, they might not do so poorly with the poo-poo platter.

The term "max player" is overused in the NBA, according to Brian Berger of Sports Business Radio. And he cites Bosh as a prime example of someone who does not deserve a max deal.

You've got to spend to win in the NBA.

Could Tony Parker be on the move in a sign-and-trade scenario with the Raptors for Bosh?

Raptors rookie DeMar DeRozan got a case of 'Black People-itis' after a visit to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Warning: You may lose a few IQ points watching this utterly pointless parking lot exchange with a TMZ cameraman.

Suppose your team is up by three points. The other team has the ball and there are 10 seconds left in the game. Should you foul or not?

And finally, here's an interview with Andrea Bargnani for our man Renato (or anyone else who can read Italian). Ciao!