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Canadian Content

Today we have Myck Kabongo leaving for another prep school, the All Canada Classic, May Kotsopolous at the Connecticut Sun training camp, Titans, Energy, Rainmen and more in Canadian Content ...

As we have been plugging for the last few months, remember to support our National Programs through this program ... Canada Basketball | TexttoGive Campaign


This event will be a showcase of the some of the best young talent in Canadian Basketball ... 7th Annual Rising Stars Showcase | PHASE1 Basketball


People remember that the 10th annual All Canada Classic is only a few weeks away ... All Canada Classic | PHASE1 Basketball


And because Nash has been playing so well these ugly Play Offs I thought I'd bring out a classic Youtube clip of Captain Canada ... YouTube - Steve Nash Baron Davis Step Brothers Spoof for ibeatyou


Here is a great story on May Kotsopolous' quest for a spot on the WNBA's Connecticut Sun ... Sun: Role player's defense turning heads - Norwich, CT - Norwich Bulletin

And here we have a few IBL stories ...

BC Titans 


Energy's Parker gets nasty with backboard-shattering dunk 

And we will have an exclusive interview with Edmonton Energy owner/ head coach Paul Sir in the next few days so stay tuned.



Here are a couple of stories about the impending IBL team ... - Basketball owner thrilled about Port City potential | SCOTT BRIGGS - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada

And here is a story on the local boy of the Rainmen ...  


And last but not least we have some big high school news ...

Here's look at the coming All Canada Game from our boys at Crown Magazine ... PHASE 1 All Canada Classic Hits Big | Crown Magazine

And some big news here as Myck Kabongo is transferring to Findlay Prep ... – Kabongo to Findlay Prep ... Top Canadian prospect Kabongo follows Thompson/Joseph to Findlay Prep | Courtside | Blogs | Toronto Sun

And last but not least our colleague Nolan Shulman at Flagrant Fouls gives us the lowdown of this past weekend's Baltimore Elite Invitational that includes Canada's Team Takeover ... Baltimore Elite Invitational Recap & Standouts | Flagrant Fouls




Davey D at McGill ... Spotlight Athletics:

Raptor returns to his Clan roots

The CIS Blog: Basketball: Mac posts Raso's old job