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Lunchbox Links

An inadvertent elbow by Antawn Jamison may have put an end to Chris Bosh's career as a Toronto Raptor. For more on last night's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, check out Fear the Sword, Cavs: The Blog, Ball Don't Lie and Raptors Republic.

Former Raptor Anthony Parker was the 'special guest' star for the Cavs.

Tonight's contest won't be any easier, as the Raptors host a Boston Celtics team that should be motivated following a loss to the New York Knicks. Let's see if Andrea Bargnani can step up in the same manner as his countryman Danilo Gallinari, who dropped a career-high 31 points on the Celts. Be sure to check out CelticsBlog and Celtics Hub.

Of course, the Raptors won't need to win another game if the Chicago Bulls continue to lose.

T.Jose Caldeford's Chris Black provides a quick playoff race primer and builds a case for Reggie Evans to start in place of an injured Bosh.

The Raptors remain ensconced in the 18th spot in the latest edition of the SB Nation NBA Power Rankings.

And just a reminder to submit your t-shirt ideas to RaptorsHQ.

Basketball Prospectus looks at spending in the NBA.

Brothersteve asks what is up with Matt Devlin?

NBA FanHouse takes a look at the top 50 2010 NBA free agents.

NBA to start charging teams for free throws.