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Raptors Rapid Recap - Cleveland Cavaliers 113 - Toronto 101

- It's not really surprising that the Raptors lost this game, but by some minor chance, that's two games in a row where they've allowed the opposition to score 113 points.

- Chris Bosh left in the first courtesy of an elbow that would have made Karl Malone proud.  Antawn Jameson accidentally nailed Bosh in the face which caused Bosh to gush blood all over the Quicken Loans Arena floor.  Bosh went for a CAT scan but never returned. 

- Things got worse as Antoine Wright left the game with a sprained ankle as he backed up past Jarrett Jack.  There was just no replacement for Wright as the Raptors couldn't even manage a token defensive effort in the second half.

- The second half was abysmal especially since it wasted the Raptors' first half efforts.  By halftime, the Raptors got to within two points of the Cavs.  Then, Triano decided to experiment and place Hedo Turkoglu at the four spot.  Offensively, this may have been a fine move, but the Cavs just continued scoring unabated. 

- Tomorrow, the Raptors face the Celtics in a lovely back-to-back situation.  We'll be back in the morning with a recap and a preview.   This is going to be a long one folks as the Raptors now face the Celtics on the tail end of a back-to-back before going up against the Hawks.