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Raptors Rapid Recap - Golden State 113 - Toronto 112

-In a season of agonizing defeats and performances, Toronto's 113 to 112 loss to Golden State might have taken the cake.  Sonny Weems stole a Golden State inbound attempt with under 3 seconds left however Chris Bosh missed the lay-up ending the Raptors comeback attempt.

-It's hard to put much blame on CB4 however.  Without him tonight the Raptors would have lost by 20 as he did everything in his power to keep his team in the game.  He finished with 42 points, 12 rebounds, 5 steals, a block...oh, and got to the free-throw line 23 times hitting 20 of these.

-Unfortunately with the exception of Jarrett Jack, whose massive fourth quarter performance gave Toronto the push it needed to keep things close to the end, Mr. Bosh didn't get much help.  Jose Calderon, Sonny Weems, Antoine Wright and Hedo Turkoglu were a combined 6 of 26 from the field.  Even Andrea Bargnani, who was great at times and who finished with a solid 18 points and 9 rebounds, struggled shooting the ball.

-More frustrating though was Toronto's approach to this one.  After being blown out last month from beyond the arc and repeatedly settling for jump shots, it was as if the team learned nothing from that experience and made the exact same mistakes tonight.  Golden State hit 13 of 26 three-pointers and the Raps got caught up in G State's run-and-gun style, which meant way too many jump shots.  It was only late, when the Dinos started to run the offense through Chris Bosh on every occasion, that Toronto made a game of it.

-For Golden State, short-staffed again on this evening, it was the Steph Curry show once more.  He got some big help from Anthony Morrow (25 points) and Corey Maggette (31 points) but it was Curry who made some ridiculous shots to help his team keep the lead.  And, while he somehow bricked two free-throws that could have ended this one earlier, he made his final two, which ended up being the difference.

-Another tough loss for Raptors fans on a number of levels; from the way the game ended, to the team's lack of preparation throughout, to the fact that Golden State has but six road wins this season, one of these coming at Toronto's expense.  This was a match the Raps desperately needed to help secure a playoff spot with games against Cleveland, Boston and Atlanta coming up next.