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Stumbling on Wins Promotion Part I

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In this morning's blog post I examined the Raptors statistical deficiencies, especially on the defensive end. 

One of the main metrics I focussed on was David Berri's "wins produced score," a metric he's devised to examine how many wins a particular player is responsible for on a given team.

It's a very intriguing concept and Berri and and confederate Martin B. Schmdit discuss this metric and others in their new book, "Stumbling on Wins."  We'll be doing a full review of the book in the next few weeks but in the meantime, we'd like to run the first in a series of contests that we'll be hosting at RaptorsHQ regarding the book's release.

Simply fire us an email at, and tell us which Raptor, using Berri's Wins Produced metric (WP), suffered the biggest decline in production from this year to last year, and what that differential was.

First correct response wins a copy of "Stumbling on Wins!"


Congratulations to Evan Zuk who correctly answered that Jose Calderon was the Raptor who suffered the biggest drop in wins produced this past season, a drop of four full wins.

Evan narrowly beat out a few other readers who also had the correct answer.

Thanks to all who replied to our first "Stumbling on Wins" contest and stay tuned for the next giveaway!