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Lunchbox Links

The worst players so far in the 2010 NBA Playoffs include former Raptors like Shawn Marion, Jermaine O'Neal and Carlos Delfino. Heck, even failed free agent signee John Salmons made the list!

Raptors Republic takes a look at Bryan Colangelo's top 10 successes and mistakes.

Did the Raptors party themselves out of the playoffs? Worth clicking just for the Photoshop magic.

Colangelo is the 'King of Babble On'.

Chris Bosh gets some consideration for MVP and All-NBA Third Team honours.

Of Bosh leaves, perhaps Colangelo should consider trading for Kevin Love?

An argument that Andrea Bargnani might not be a terrible post-up defender. But that doesn't stop him from getting the nod as the starting centre on the 2010 All Non Defensive Team (via TrueHoop).

Scott Carefoot asks why don't NBA teams shoot more three-pointers from the corners?

The Toronto Sun's Bill Lankhof on why the Raptors will always be losers.

The 'Baller' Adnan Virk is the latest Canadian to join ESPN.