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Raptors Rapid Recap - Chicago 104 - Toronto 88

-Thanks to viewing the game on a flight back from Calgary, I guess this is the "not-so-rapid" recap version tonight...not that it really matters I suppose.  The Toronto Raptors got out-everythinged by the Chicago Bulls earlier this evening, in a game they HAD to win, resulting in a 104 to 88 loss.

-Now, the Toronto Raptors' playoff picture is very much in doubt.  If the Raps win their final last two games then the Bulls would either have to beat Boston at home on Tuesday and win at Charlotte on Wednesday to clinch.  However if Toronto only wins one of two, all Chicago would need to secure a playoff spot would be one win.

-The grizzly details; Toronto was pounded on the glass, shot only 41% from the field while allowing Chicago to shoot nearly 50%, got to the free throw line only 15 times and only made 9 of these attempts, and essentially allowed Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah to do whatever they liked.  Rose finished with 26 points and 7 assists while Noah was 3 assists shy of a triple-double finishing with 18-19 and 7.

-For Toronto?  Well...the obvious bright spot was Hedo Turkoglu's board work.  Although he was putrid again as an offensive force (2 of 12 on the night) he somehow grabbed 19 rebounds and at times seemed to be the only Raptor interested in rebounding the basketball.  Jay Triano even played him at center for a brief stretch due to foul trouble, both an indication of how well he was cleaning the glass and how poorly Andrea was doing in that capacity.  Bargs looked aggressive on offense, but minus Bosh, once more simply didn't dominate the way he needs to.  He finished with 18 points, but hit only 7 of 16 shots, got to the line only four times, and grabbed but 5 rebounds.

-Now what?  Well...Toronto has to turn around and take on the Pistons tomorrow night while Chicago has the night off.  A win would go a long ways in putting the pressure back on the Bulls but for that to happen, this Raptor squad needs to put forth a much better effort, especially on the defensive side.  On paper, Toronto's final two games versus the Pistons and Knicks look ripe for the taking, but considering the effort and on-court display today, those teams might as well be the Cavs and Lakers...