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Tip-In:Toronto Raptors Post-Game Report - Welcome Back CB4

Maybe it was the opponent.

Maybe it was the rumours about him mailing it in.

What ever it was Raps fans saw the pre All-Star Game Chris Bosh on the floor last night at the ACC.

There is no denying the fact that when Bosh is on he is really good and last night was a perfect example.

The line? 34 points, 11 rebounds and perhaps even more importantly 10/13 from the free-throw line. That's a dominant performance.

Now where that sort of performance has been as of late is still up for debate, but Bosh can, when at his best, do things on the court that very others can. He is not only a great scorer he is also an efficient one. He ability to get to the line 10+ times a game sets him apart from so many other big men in the league.

Bosh's return to form was a sight for sore eyes - not just for the fans but apparently for the rest of his teammates as well. As great as Bosh's performance was last night against the Clippers the whole team came to play and the result was one of the team's best performances is what feels like eons.

Take a look at the box score last night for the Raps and it is a thing of beauty. The team on a whole shot over 60%, took good care of the ball and won in almost every statistical category. Everybody contributed. 

Andrea? Solid offensive output, in particular in the second half, to go along with 8 rebounds (good) and three blocks (even better).

Weems? Unbelievable. A perfect 8/8 from the floor as well as 5 rebounds, 4 assists a steal and a block.

The point guard combo? They combined for 11 points and 17 assists. Although Jarrett Jack did not score the basketball, he had a very strong game with 10 assists and many of them of worthy of highlight reel.

Even Hedo contributed in limited minutes with 6 points and 6 assists (although you would think he was the league's MVP considering the praise Devlin and Armstrong were giving him).

It's game like these that make you wonder if Triano had made the line-up changes earlier whether we would be taking about how high in the standings the team could be as opposed to debating the pros and cons of the Raps making the playoffs.

Nonetheless, last night's game was a pleasure to watch.

The only flaw in the Raptors performance?

The Clippers had 15 offensive rebounds compared to 5 for the Raps. Actually Chris Kaman had more offensive rebounds than the Raptors team on a whole.

I don't think there is much to be taken from the discrepancy. Kaman, Gooden and Craig Smith did a solid job but they also had many more opportunities to get on the offensive glass given the Clippers shot 43%.

The rebounding problem last night did however make me wonder where this team will get it's rebounding should Bosh leave. Finding guys that average 10+ rebounds a game don't exactly fall off tree's. The next best rebounder for the Raps is Andrea at 6.2rpg and everyone else is below 5. If Bosh leaves it will leave a hole in the roster that can't be filled, but perhaps where it will hurt the most is on the glass. Whether you think Bosh is or isn't a "max" guy or whether you think you can build a winning team with him as the center piece what you can't argue with is the fact that he is going to be impossible to replace.

Ugh....back to happier thoughts.. 

Although the Raps opponent last night was a very weak Clippers team it was just nice to see this team running on all cylinders. The second half really was a thing of beauty and it has been quite some time that this team has been on the right side of a blowout.

If last night's win did anything it helped to lift, just slightly, the dark cloud hanging over this team as of late. If you are like me last night lifted your spirits about this team, even if deep down you know the sense of optimism is only temporary. Could this win against the Clippers be the start of a late season surge? Unlikely, but a win like this one gives you some hope that all is not lost and this team may still have some fight in it.