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Raptors Rapid Recap: New York 96 Toronto 102

- Another night without the franchise guy (Chris Bosh out with the flu) but unlike the past few games others stepped up and the Raps got a much needed win against the Knicks. It got close down the stretch but the Raps managed to pull it out at the end.

- Player of the game? RaptorsHQ favorite Sonny Weems who led the team in scoring with 20 points and 9 rebounds. It was once again the Raps bench play that saved the day as all the starters, with the exception of Jarrett Jack were rather underwhelming.

- The Raps did a great job protecting the basketball only turning the ball over 8 times. Some of the credit for this goes to the Knicks defense (which is non-existent) but for the most part Jose Calderon did a great job manning the point. He had  6 assists and only one turnover.

- Another night where Andrea just didn't step-up as one would hope. He looked like a member of the Knicks at times - jacking up shots right, left and centre. He shot a terrible percentage from the floor and outside of DeRozan was outrebounded by every other Raptors starter.

- The Knicks are just a mess. Other than David Lee there isn't much to work with. Al Harrington is a ball hog, McGrady is a shell of his former self, and Gallinari still has to grow as a player. For the sake of Knicks fans they better have a decent summer (which does not include signing CB4).

- It was not a thing of beauty but the Raps got the much needed win. Up next for the Dinos is the 76ers.