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Raptors' Rapid Recap: Toronto 114 - LA Clippers 92

- After a shaky first half, the Toronto Raptors used a complete team effort to pull away in the second half en route to a 114 to 92 win over the LA Clippers.  The win marked their second in a row, but unlike the last few matches, this one was over halfway through the fourth quarter.

-Chris Bosh looked like his pre-All-Star-Game self at last finishing with 34 points and 11 rebounds, completely dominating the Clippers interior.  LA had no answer for him, or Sonny Weems either for that matter.  Weems was a perfect 8 of 8 from the field, finished with 17 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, and along with Bosh, was a key catalyst in this win.

-However it wasn't these two alone who got the job done for the Raps.  Andrea Bargnani had a very nice 21 and 8 on the evening, while Jose Calderon, Antoine Wright and DeMar DeRozan all scored in double figures as well.  This was a complete team effort, led again by Toronto's starters, who for the second straight game looked quite comfortable in their new partnership.

- For a Clippers team minus Baron Davis, it was a long night.  Their bigs down low, especially Drew Gooden, gave the Raptors a lot of trouble in the first half, but couldn't sustain things in the second portion.  LA did do a nice job from long-range thanks to the Raptors porous perimeter D, but the Clips were equally terrible in that realm allowing Toronto to shoot 61 per cent from the field on the night.

-On a whole it was a bit of a snoozer of a game (it was the Clippers) but it was a solid win by the Raps helping to put some space between themselves and the Chicago Bulls.  Toronto of course has a chance to regain some momentum late in the season with upcoming games against Philly and G State, and hopefully tonight's win puts them on the right path to accomplishing such a goal.