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CONTEST: Design a RaptorsHQ T-Shirt and WIN WIN WIN!


One of the reasons we joined the SBN Family was because of their dedicated tech team and the amount of resources spent on projects that we simply have not found the time to turn our attention to.

Case in point? The SB Nation Store.

The network has recently launched the SB Nation Store - the only problem is there isn't much in it yet. That being said other member sites of the network have started to fill the "virtual shelves" with some pretty cool stuff.

The HQ team is currently throwing around some ideas on t-shirt designs but we wanted your input, too, and many of you likely have better design skills than we do, anyway. Hence, a t-shirt concept design contest.


If we chose your design we will purchase a T-Shirt for you. Of course if we fall in love with a couple of designs we may put it to a vote or, in the alternative, buy a couple of t-shirts for the respective co-winners.


Email an image (or several images) to with the subject line: "T-Shirt Contest", and what name you'd like cited on the site. Include a brief explanation of what goes where, i.e.: which image goes on the back, which on the front, et cetera.

For example:

Front of Shirt

RHQ Logo

Back of Shirt

Night out in Yorkville with the flu - $150

Pizza Pizza with Sprite - $17

"Ball"  - $25

Hedo for 4 more years? - Priceless.

The deadline for all submissions is 11:59pm, April 18, 2010.


Do not use any logos or images you do not have the right to use. That includes the likenesses of NBA players.

Do try to be simple and direct. The best shirt design's message will be readily apparent at a glance.


By submitting images to the contest, you're agreeing that should we choose your image as a winner you give us the design to use either as is or as the basis of a design for a t-shirt to be sold on SB Nation's Store, without further compensation. If your design is not chosen as a winner, you're agreeing to let us post those images on the site, as we'll probably do to show the "honorable mention" designs in a future post.

It's possible, due to the vagaries of our t-shirt process, that none of the designs will be used on a shirt, but if that happens, we'll still pick a winner and post designs on the site. Any questions? Email us.