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Raptors Rapid Recap: Toronto 94 Miami 97

- Another heartbreaking loss. After playing some excellent basketball in the first half (and not showing any ill effects from the tough loss against the Nuggets) the Raps couldn't seal the deal. After playing some terrific defense in the first half the Raptors folded in the second and allowed the Heat to storm back from a double digit deficit and steal a win on their home court. The Heat outscored the Raps 29-17 in the fourth quarter.

- Down the stretch the Raps continued to settle for jumpers instead of attacking the rim. Bosh and Bargnani were both guilty of settling and as a result the Raps have to settle for another tough loss. A disappointing result. The Raps should have won this game.

- What can you say about Dwyane Wade? The guy is unbelievable. His ability to get to the line and finish with contact is something to watch. He put the Heat on his back in the second half and dominated the action. He consistently split double teams, made big shots and willed his team to victory.

- The other Raptor killers on this evening? The Heat's front court. Joel Anthony was more than effective in the paint and 6/ 6 from the floor. Udonis Haslem was fantastic going 10/11 from the floor, hitting his jumper and even creating his own shot. The Raps allowed two mediocre big men to go 16/17 from the floor which also allowed the Heat to outscore the Raps in the paint.

- Despite being in uniform Hedo Turkoglunot only didn't get the start but didn't see the floor. It will be interesting to hear whether he was held out of the game for health reasons or whether Jay has finally realized that he provides less than either Weems or Wright.

- The Raptors now find the Chicago Bulls breathing down their necks for the 8 spot. The Bulls beat the Pistons last night and are closing the gap. Tomorrow night's game against the Bobcats is absolutely HUGE.