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Canadian Content

Today we have a whole lot of stuff for you including a great contest from Canada Basketball, lots of Rainmen stuff, high school news and other assorted goods in this edition of Canadian Content ...


Ok people, Canada Basketball is having a great contest for all of you.  Check out the details here and don't forget to support the National Team.  Canada Basketball | TEXT TO WIN A GUEST COACH SPOT WITH RAUTINS AND CANADA BASKETBALL


The clown princes of basketball are coming to Canada!  Check out where and when the Harlem Globtrotters are heading to your neck of the woods here ... The Official Site of the Harlem Globetrotters: International Schedule


We now have some great High School stories including the first Battle of the Boards that was held at Ryerson University in Toronto by National Program coach Roy Rana.  Check out the player profiles by Flagrant Fouls' Tariq Sbiet from the event also ...

YouTube - Ryerson University hosts Battle of the Boards

Battle of the Boards – Showcasing Ontario’s Finest | Flagrant Fouls

Findlay Prep’s Ferocious Foursome : Box of M.E.S.S.

Jamar Coke shines at 50th ACIT, visiting Iowa Western CC " Canada Basketball, Raptors, NBA, CIS, NCAA, HIGH SCHOOL


Here is another story from Flagran Fouls that higlights the Canadians in the Sweet 16 ... Sweet 16-Show Us Something | Flagrant Fouls


And now we have a whole heap of Halifax Rainmen news.  And member to check them out in action streaming here at 6:00pm AST or 7:00pm EST on as they take on Oklahoma.

Halifax Rainmen Basketball - 2ND ANNUAL FATHER/SON BRUNCH & SCRIMMAGE GAME. APRIL 10, 2010


And we have a story on the other PBL team the Quebec Kebs ... Canada Basketball | HARD FALL FOR QUEBEC KEBS ON THE ROAD

Here is a great CIS look at the CIS Champions ... Kings of the basketball court | The Sheaf – the University of Saskatchewan student newspaper

And lastly an interesting story on the CCAA Champions ... - Winning UNBC team could return in full