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NC-Double-Eh Tournament Schedule - March 25

As you can see again, we have changed the header above but the thought is still the same.  Tonight we have on tap a great game featuring Syracuse and Butler.  This should be a good one for sure.  Check out our thoughts on the game and who else is playing right here ...


7:07pm (5) Butler vs. (1) Syracuse – now do we really need to tell you that this is the game to watch if you’re a Canadian basketball fan?  If we do, then welcome to the bandwagon.  This game is huge for the ‘Cuse.  Butler is an upstart of sorts being that they are a mid major and all but they are anything but mid major in talent.  The Bulldogs have a longer bench than the Orange with eight players playing at least ten minutes and all but one playing at least fifteen minutes.  They are a smaller team with no real bigs on the low block which serves well since Arinze Onuaku is still out with an injury.  Playing small may work in the Orange’s favor but with a short bench before Onuaku’s injury, this may be a tough one to win.  Some of the learned types are saying Butler can win but if Syracuse is to win this one Rautins, Joseph and Johnson will need to get going early.  Rautins has been on fire this Tournament so far and could be playing for a spot in the 2nd Round of the NBA Draft, if not higher.  Joseph on the other hand, has been productive but needs to add his scoring for Syracuse to have a chance to win.  And don't forget to check out our SB Nation affliate Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician here for more on the Orange.

9:57pm (12) Cornell vs. (1) Kentucky