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Lunchbox Links

Kobe Bryant talks to FSN after making the game-winning shot against the Toronto Raptors. Here's a compilation of Bryant's six game-winning buckets in 2009-10. And Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer thinks there's been nothing like this run in 20 years.

So how did Bryant get such a good look? Some great execution from the Lakers and some poor execution from the Raptors, according to the NBA Playbook blog.

Who can shut down a red-hot Jarrett Jack? Jay Triano, apparently.

Prior to yesterday's game against the Lakers, Jose Calderon needed only 779 more minutes to earn fifth spot on John Hollinger's list of the best NBA shooters ever. (ESPN Insider)

Wayne Winston's projected final NBA standings have the Raptors finishing 41-41 and 8th in the Eastern Conference (two games ahead of the Chicago Bulls). The Raptors have an 80% chance of making the playoffs, according to Winston. He also thinks they should be playing Marco Belinelli and Amir Johnson more (see the comments section of this post).

Basketball Prospectus' Kevin Pelton takes an alternative look at great shooters.

Chris Bosh, Tracy McGrady and Michael Redd are among the 25 highest-paid players in the NBA. They are also the only members of that group to have never won a playoff series.

TrueHoop's Henry Abbott examines ticket pricing in the NBA.