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NC-Double-Eh Schedule - March 10

Today begins a fun weekend of conference tournaments before the NCAA Tournament next weekend.  Tonight we feature one up and coming player (Tshing Kasamba) and to departing seniors (Ryan Wright and Willie Galick).  Find out who else is playing right here ...

Below we have highlighted the games we feel you should take a look at and remember to check in with teh Can Ball Report on Twitter for any game links we can find for you.


March 10

2:00pm St. John’s vs. Marquette

3:30pm Texas-San Antonio vs. Texas A&M-CC

7:00pm Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State – here we have the possible last game of a great Canadian story.  Once the best high school player coming out of Canada, Ryan Wright had has a long journey and will likely finish it here tonight.  He has had some good games today that flashed what type of player he could have been but for all intents and purpose, this will likely be the last time he suits up in uniform so it’s always worth watching.  He’s at least leaving with a degree.

7:00pm Chicago State vs. Houston Baptist – Tshing Kasamba has been somewhat of an anomaly all season.  I couldn’t figure out why he was starting for a while early in the season.  It wasn’t until he came off the bench midway through the season that he put up some really big numbers and continued to do so for February.  He’s back in the starting lineup and can really light it up, when he’s one, so maybe this is a game he does (or doesn’t).

9:00pm Cal Northridge vs. Cal Fullerton – Nanaimo, BC’s Willie Galick has had an up and down year.  He started out in the starting lineup, and then went to the bench, then back in the starting lineup, then back to the bench.  All the while he was playing seemingly inconsistent minutes due to foul trouble.  He is a double-double guy for sure, it’s a matter of whether he can stay on the floor long enough to produce.  Like Wright, this will likely be his last college game as well so take a minute to watch if you can.

9:30pm Iowa State vs. Texas

9:30pm Bethune-Cookman vs. Delaware State

11:00pm UC Irvine vs. Cal Poly