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Raptors Rapid Recap - LA Lakers 109 - Toronto 107

- There was a lot to like from tonight's game. From Bosh's clutch three, to Bargnani's rediscovery of his offense, the Raptors matched up with the LakersJarrett Jack, though, was absolutely spectacular and gave the Raptors some much needed offense and defense.  There is no doubt who was the best off-season signing for the Raptors last summer.

- Kobe Bryant was magical in his final shot, fading in the corner, with a couple Raptors draped over him for good measure.  The Lakers were just too strong from the inside-out thanks to guys such as Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum

- I'm not one to harp on the refs much.  I believe that there's usually something that the team can do to overcome the refs, but tonight, the Raptors just didn't get the breaks they needed.  The Lakers got the benefit of phantom calls as some timely fan interference. 

- Hedo Turkoglu was undoubtedly the dud of the game.  Readers may argue about his merits, but the Raptors got a whole lot of nothing when they needed something from their tall small forward.  Careless turnovers, bad decisions, and bricked shots were all a part of Hedo's repertoire tonight.  His ankle may still have been bothering him, but the Raptors needed something from everyone and Turk didn't bring much of anything.

- All in all, as good of a loss as you could want.  The Raptors seem to have rediscovered their fire and will now travel to Sacramento for yet another back-to-back.