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Blogging With The Enemy - Taking It To the HQ Community

As you all know, whenever there is a Friday night game we reach out to the SBN Site related to the Raps opponent for the weekly "Blogging With The Enemy" Segment. This week we have reached out to Golden State of Mind to find out what's been happening with the Warriors. The answers to our inquiries will be posted on Sat.

GSoM has however, come back with some questions of their own. Rather than responding with my own thoughts, I though I would get some responses from you - the readers.

To mix things up I thought I would throw the GSoM questions out to the community and send some of the best responses, with my own, to GSoM for their version of "Blogging With the Enemy".

To make things easy simply answer the questions below in the comments section.

Don't forget to number your answers! 

1. This past offseason the Golden State Warriors sent Marco Belinelli to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for the "free" Devean George. Over at GSoM we didn't think too much of Belinelli's game, but at the time of the trade a lot of Raptors fans and media thought he was going to be a fantastic addition. There were even plenty of Warriors fans who very upset that Belinelli had been traded. What grade would you give Belinelli for his first season on the Raptors?

GSoM Archives

2. Another former Warrior and Chris Mullin draft pick on the Raptors is Patrick O'Bryant. He barely plays. What grade would you give him for his past 2 seasons on the Raptors? Look into your crystal ball and predict his future with the Raptors and in the NBA.

3. What % chance would you say Chris Bosh stays with the Toronto Raptors this offseason? Let's say he does leave. Where do you think is his most likely destination?

I have no doubt the answers to 1 and 3 will be quite different!