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Raptors Rapid Recap: Toronto 92 Houston 116

- No Bosh, no Calderon and in the second half no Hedo? That all adds up to another blow-out loss for the Raps who suddenly find themselves up against the ropes as they head home for two big games against the Knicks and the 76ers before heading out west on a tough road swing.  

- Just a brutal game to watch. Other than a flurry of Bargs hoops early the Raps brought absolutely nothing to the table. The defense was terrible, the offense stagnant and the effort pathetic. The lone exception? Marcus Banks. Banks played solid all game and took advantage of the minutes. For a guy who had a bad reputation prior to his arrival he has done nothing but put forth full effort.

- The starters are just lost without Bosh. Andrea, Jack and Hedo (prior to injury) were all underwhelming. DeMar DeRozanwas a complete non-factor and Triano has to be at a loss over what to do. This level of play is simply not as a result of Bosh missing. If it is I am downright terrified for next season if he is wearing another jersey.

- The past few games the team looks like it has regressed. They have the week to get things fixed and had better. A playoff spot is far from secured at this point. Even without Bosh you have to score more than 20 points per quarter...something they only did in two quarters tonight.

- The Rockets continue to amaze me. As much as OKC and Portland have good young pieces the Rockets could  be a real force the next few years if Yao comes back and with all of the picks they have from the T-Mac deal. Their backcourt of Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks caused the Raps fits.

- What else is there to say? An embarrassing loss.