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Raptors Rapid Recap - New Jersey 99 Toronto 108

- The Raps won a game they should have. In the second game of a back-to-back the Raps were once again shorthanded but unlike the game in Indiana got help from the supporting cast. .

- Kudos to Jarrett Jack who took the court feeling under the weather and left it all out on the floor. He did a fantastic job running the offence and played 40 minutes despite looking rather ill at times. He shot the ball well and did a great job creating for others in particular Sonny Weems.

- Speaking of Weems what a game. Sonny's athleticism was on full display. Not only did he have a handful of highlight reel dunks he was also all over the glass. His boy DeMar DeRozan better come back from injury looking to elevate his game because Weems is stepping into his spot and taking advantage of the opportunity.

- Despite not having his best game Andrea Bargnani was solid, in particular on the defensive end. Andrea shut down Brook Lopez and held him well below his season averages. Each of Bargnani's four blocks were impressive.

-  Other key contributions from Amir Johnson (second half), Marcus Banks and Antoine Wright. Wright was hot from the floor and did a great job sticking it to his former squad. His offensive game has really improved over the past few weeks and he is now contributing on both ends.

- There were a few moments in the game where you had to wonder if the Nets were not going to pull out a W but down the stretch the Raps did what they needed to do and secured a win. I can't even imagine the uproar had the Raps lost this game.

- Poor Nets fans. I mean their best player tonight might have been Kris Humphries. Yikes.