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Raptors Rapid Recap: Oklahoma City 119 Toronto 99

- Can't blame you if you were out on Yonge Street (or whatever local major street you have in your city) partying it up with the rest of Canada. This one was pretty over early as the Raptors seemed to be completely anemic on the defensive side of things.  They allowed the Thunder to shoot above 50% in every single offensive category.

- Unlike a few years ago, Bosh's continued absence has not galvanized this team, but has instead exposed the Raptors' interior defense.  For those that may continue to argue that Bosh is not that important to this club, or hasn't been having an absolutely outstanding year, the last few series of games have proven otherwise.

- In many ways, the Thunder took apart the Raptors with the same efficiency that the Atlanta Hawks have done.  I dread to see the Raptors play the Hawks in the playoffs and am extremely glad that Oklahoma City are in the Western Conference.  As Howland mentioned in the thread, Oklahoma is the real team to be frightened of in the next few years, not Portland.

- Up next are the Houston Rockets.  Unless the Raptors figure out a way to at least challenge opposing teams on defense, we may be looking at yet another early finish to a Raptors game.