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Raptors Rapid Recap: Toronto 115 Indiana 130

- As badly as I thought the Raptors played on defense on Sunday, they completely topped themselves tonight.  There's just no excuse for the Raptors at this stage of the season to throw away winnable games

-  Bosh and Bargnani had 30 points a piece and still couldn't win.  That's right.  Bosh and Bargnani accounted for more than 50% of the point total and the Raptors lost.  This was not an offensive problem.

-  The injuries just keep piling up.  Jose Calderon left the game with what looked to be a turned ankle, Hedo Turkoglu didn't play because he is still recovering from the other day, and DeMar DeRozan was left back home.  If I hear that the Raptors were "undermanned", I may have to go and beat that person to death with Hedo's new mask

- Did the Pacers use O'Brien's absence as a catalyst?  Was the lineup shuffle that important to give Indiana 28 more points?  I won't dignify those with answers

-  Yeah, I'm pretty angry right now about this loss, but as Howland and others mentioned, this had a letdown/trap game loss all over it.  Thank goodness for New Jersey tomorrow.  However, any team can beat this Raptors team if it doesn't play defense, so I'm just about as worried about tomorrow's game as I was about tonight's.

-  Oh, and the refs might not have been paid off, but they sure blew the whistle like they did.