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There is a lot of stuff here including the new Vitamin Water commercial starring Steve Nash, Ottawa Courtnay Pilypaitis earns two distictions this weekend, the Halifax Rainmen smoke the Millrats, Stanford commit Stefan Nastic, Mitch Leger and some other stuff in today's edition of Canadian Content ...


The caption says it all .... SLAM ONLINE | " Video: Steve Nash is the Most Ridiculous Man in the World


Some great news from the NCAA front including Ottawa's Courtnay Pilypaitis's record breaking weekend and Vancouver's Marc Trasolini as an Olympic coorespondant ...

Women's Basketball : University of Vermont

Athletics : University of Vermont

YouTube - Marc Trasolini 'The Traz Tid-Bits!' 2010 Vancouver Olympics!.mp4

Some great High School news ... '10 Unwrapped: Stefan Nastic

NCAA basketball recruit Nate Lubick, a Georgetown signee, was one of the stars of the National Prep School Invitational - ESPN - Canada's Premier Basketball Portal - The Thomas Report - 02.10.10


A recap of the Rainmen's weekend throttling of the Millrats ...

Halifax Rainmen Basketball - RAINMEN ROLL OVER MILLRATS, 104-83

Video: John Strickland with Romy on the Millrats | John, Haligonia, Live, Romy, Millrats, Video, Strickland | | Ha

The Home Dominance Continues - RAINMEN 104, MILLRATS 83 | Rainmen, Millrats, Points, Rebounds, Halifax, Game, Second | haligoni

Rainmen Post Game Interviews | Interviews, Deleon, Shuler, Jones, Andre, Mavs, Levingston | | Halifax, Nova Scotia

A good look at Queen's forward Mitch Leger ... Leger going out on top? - The Whig Standard - Ontario, CA

Durham College will host the CCAA next year ... | Durham to host 2011 CCAA men's basketball championships

And Nike is looking to help out the aboriginal communities in Canada ... Nike N7 Expands Access to Product and Funding to Aboriginal Communities in Canada - MarketWatch