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DeMar Moves On to All-Star Saturday Night

The inaugural NBA Dunk-In is over and Toronto's DeMar DeRozan has moved on to participate in the big event tonight in Dallas. It was not a particularly exciting event as DeMar admitted he was "holding back" and the event was rife with technical issues, much like last nights Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics. 

If you were so inclined to vote for DeMar at you were left with an interesting dilemma - Vote for the Photo of Eric Gordon with DeMar's name under it, or the photo of DeMar with Eric's name under it. Someone clearly needs to be relieved of their duties. How exactly did the NBA determine who was voting for who? 

The reality is DeMar should bring more energy to the contest than Eric Gordon and is simply the better dunker.

The scrum with DeMar after the contest can be heard here

So onto Saturday night. Franchise and I are getting together for the festivities and will likely set up a thread to chat prior to and during the actual contest.

Here's hoping DeMar makes Toronto proud.