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Raptors Rapid Recap - Toronto 104 - Philadelphia 93

- The Beatles might have been bigger than Jesus, but Reggie Evans may have been bigger than every Raptor that has put on the Dino colours.  Chants exploded throughout the game and Evans gave the Raptors some major tempo change in the 2nd quarter.  No, he didn't make a huge difference on the scoreboard, but the crowd loved him and justifiably, called for a return in the second half.

- Weems and Bargnani were the biggest Raptors of the night.  First off, Sonny Weems came in and played some inspired defense down the stretch while also hitting a three pointer to extend the Raptors' streak.  Andrea Bargnani was huge down the stretch having a hand in every play to close out the game. 

- Not so good, the Raptors' continued play against fast point guards.  I pointed it out before that Lou Williams would be trouble, and he didn't disappoint in the second half.  Absolutely lighting the Raptors like a Christmas tree, the Raptors simply didn't have any answers for the quick point guard from Georgia. 

- Also not so good, the Raptors created a 23 point lead only to allow Philadelphia to drag it all the way back down to one possession. 

- However, the Raptors close out the "half" of the season by tying their franchise record in wins before the All-Star game.  We'd like to wish everyone good luck at the festivities in Dallas and for everyone to return back injury-free.  Good luck to Bosh, DeRozan, and Weems.