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Lunchbox Links

In the last game before the all-star break, the Philadelphia 76ers are in Toronto to take on the Raptors. Check out the game thread from 76ers blog Liberty Ballers, as well as previews from, the National Post and Raptors Republic.

Sportsnet's Paul Jones asks whether Bryan Colangelo is Broadway bound?

Something called "quantitative data analysis" has made its way to Toronto. The Toronto Star's Doug Smith is befuddled.

The Fan 590's Eric Smith has some interesting weather-related facts for some of those uninformed souls south of the border that think we live in igloos and take our polar bears for walks every morning.

Chris Bosh joined eight others from the reigning Olympic champions who are among 27 players on the U.S. national team roster. And here's a nice little chart indicating that Bosh is truly an elite scorer.

Check out the latest NBA Power Rankings from SB Nation.

Tim from The Picket Fence points out that Reggie Evans is about to become the most important player in Raptors history.