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Lunchbox Links

What time is it? It's time for a Bargnani the Bad post from T.Jose Caldeford, which can be helpfully summarized as follows:

1st point: Despite being the team's focal point on offence, Bargnani is not a good passer.
2nd point: Despite being a 7-footer (and having a pretty soft touch inside), Bargnani remains a jump shooter.
3rd point: Toronto is better offensively with him on the bench.
4th point: Toronto is better defensively with him on the bench.
5th point: Toronto is better on the glass with him on the bench.

NBeh? blog disputes the idea that Andrea Bargnani is playing better this season.

And Arturo Galletti responds to a criticism of Wins Produced.

In the latest edition of Raptors Republic's Statophile, Tom Liston makes it clear that the wings are the Raptors' largest issue. Probably because Sonny Weems has no idea how to go over a screen.

Andrew Thell of Empty the Bench thinks DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson and Jerryd Bayless are showing potential... although Franchise and TSN's Tim Chisholm would probably dispute the inclusion of DeRozan on that list. Bayless is among the under-the-radar storylines in the East, according to ESPN.

Tim W. of the Picket Fence looks at the Raptors after 21 games.

The draft stock of Bargnani clone Donatas Motiejunas is rising.

The road back to the NBA just got a little longer for former Raptor Patrick O'Bryant. He was released by Chinese team Fujian just two days before their season opener after coaches became frustrated by his poor performance, indifference and lack of effort. Of course, those three things also describe the Raptors' perimeter defence the past couple of games, so perhaps O'Bryant would fit right in?

The New Orleans Hornets' sad financial documents.