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Game Day Thread: Toronto Raptors vs. Houston Rockets

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Toronto Raptors vs Houston Rockets

December 31st, 2010

Sportsnet One - 7:00 PM EST

Happy New Years!

Aaah, the old New Year's Eve game for Raptors fans. Might be a quiet chat tonight but the HQ is on board, hoping to ring in the new year with a win. It won't be an easy feat though as their opponent, the Houston Rockets are one of the hottest teams in basketball of late. Add in numerous injury issues for the Dinos and this W will no doubt be a tough one to get.

But as the team showed on Tuesday against the Mavs, this is a resilient bunch and Houston won't be able to think this is a cake-walk.

Jose's a go, and will start with DeRozan, Kleiza, Dorsey and Johnson. No Weems, and no word yet on Bayless...