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Lunchbox Links

As 2010 comes to a close, Ian Denomme of Yahoo Sports looks at the good, bad and ugly for the Toronto Raptors.

The latest edition of Statophile from Raptors Republic looks at the team as a whole, and makes the case that Julian Wright should get a bit more run. Tom Liston also notes that the Raptors are second worst in the league in opponents' effecitve field goal percentage (52.8%).

Chris Black of T.Jose Caldeford tries to explain why the Raptors are a bad team (hint: turnovers, pace and three-point percentage have something to do with it).

The Raptors rank 24th in the latest edition of Wayne Winston's NBA Ratings.

The NBeh? blog uses Wins Produced to put together All-Raptor teams.

Spotted on the streets of Toronto: A guy with bad tattoos rocking a Jorge Garbajosa jersey.

Perhaps Andrea Bargnani's inability to serve as a defensive stalwart for the Raptors stems from a fear of absorbing moments of complete and total humiliation?

Arturo Galletti looks at homecourt advantage in the NBA.

If there is a short list of funniest basketball videos of the year, this compilation of Stan Van Gundy's negative reactions to Hedo Turkoglu's threes would have to be on it.

Former Raptor Kris Humphries hired a PR rep to hype his relationship with Kim Kardashian.