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Wayne Winston's adjusted +/- ratings measure how many points better or worse than average per 48 minutes an NBA player performs, after adjusting for the other nine players on the court. For example, a +10 rating means a player adds 10 points more than an an average player to his team’s performance. Amir Johnson (+16) has been amazing for the Raptors. Jose Calderon (-9), Sonny Weems (-7), and DeMar DeRozan (-10) have really hurt the team.

Check out Arturo Galletti's MVP List for 2010-11. Hint: If you're looking for names like Andrea Bargnani, DeRozan or Weems, scroll to the bottom of the chart.

These NBA team history visualizations from show every player for a given team, how long they played for that team, who was on their team in any given year, and every year they made the all-star team. The visualizations allow you to compare player success with team success by calling out playoff and championship seasons... not that you'll be doing much of that with the Raptors.