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Christmas Eve Links

'Twas the night before Christmas... and the Toronto Raptors rank 23rd in the latest edition of Wayne Winston's NBA Ratings and 10th in the Eastern Conference in SB Nation's NBA Power Rankings. Also, be sure to check out the NBA MVP Power Rankings from SB Nation.

Raptors HQ's own Adam Francis and Ray Bala share stories about their favourite basketball-related Christmas gifts with the Dino Blogger.

Not surprisingly, the Raptors have become less efficient in terms of how much they "pay" for each win.

Exactly how do the Raptors stack up against their opponents?

Raptors Republic rolls out part one of their player evaluations.

Rookie Ed Davis is getting mentored by Ben Wallace. Perhaps Davis could bring Joey Dorsey along for some mentoring as well?

Basketball Prospectus' Kevin Pelton airs a grievance on injuries in the draft.

What onerous contracts could be traded? Jose Calderon's three seasons at $29.3 million is one candidate.

Former Raptor Hedo Turkoglu gets stuffed by the rim on the break. Perhaps he was just trying to pay tribute to former teammate Grant Hill and that tasty beverage known as Sprite? looks at parity in the NBA.

Danilo Gallinari was totally wrong about memory foam. I wonder if fellow Italian Andrea Bargnani feels the same way?

NBA ratings are soaring like Blake Griffin.

Happy Holidays everyone!