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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Dec. 24

Today's Marquee Match Up features Huskies looking to take a bite out of Texas State ...

3:30pm Northeastern vs. Texas State

So today's match is between two mid-major programs and it can easily go either way for anyone.  Northeastern's Alwayne Bigby has been a starter since last season and has been a very good defensive player in that time.  Though he's not been scoring a whole lot he's been a capable rebounder and set up man helping his team stay in games.  With that being said, Bigby has been a DNP in the last two games and there has been no word on injury or suspension.  So this begs the question:  What is going on here?  BC native Ben Felix is also a member of the Huskies but he's only played in one game this season so if Bigby isn't playing then don't expect to see anyone reppin' the red and white.  

UPDATE:  Alwayne Bigby has been listed as out for the rest of the season as per's NCAA basketball injury list.  The reason was undisclosed at this time but it can only really be two options here:  a major injury or a transfer situation.  I would be inclined to also say suspension but in Bigby's case that would seem unlikely.  He's not a Mr. Sidney is you know what I mean.